Our product range includes various kinds of solar products, namely, Photovoltaic, Thermal, Toys, Silicon Wafer Itching and Lapping and so on.

Solar Fencing

GEETANJALI’s Solar Security Electric Fence system is a modern day alternative to conventional methods of fencing to protect your crops & property. Electric Fence is an effective way to reducing losses caused by animals.


  • Solar Photovoltaic Module: 12V 37W Peak.
  • Energizer: as per BIS Standard specification 302-2-76.
  • Input Voltage: 12 V.
  • Peak Outpot Voltage: 8.6kV Shall be < 10kV.
  • RMS Current: 7.9Amps Shall be < 10Amps.
  • Pulse interval: 1.3 Sec. Shall be between 1 to 1.5 Sec.
  • Duration impulse: 0.9 Sec Shall not be exceed .1 Sec.
  • Pulse energy: Max. 5 Joules.
  • Fence Alarm: 12V.
  • Battery: 12V 75Ah Low maintenance Tubuler Stationary Battery.
  • Moudule Mounting Structure and Battery Box: Ms fully painted.
  • Fence wire: 12 SWG/GI high carbon wire.
  • Tying wire: Type SWG/GI wire 15micron zinc Coated for tying insulatror.
  • Intermediate Post: MS angel.


There are many reasons for choosing Solar Electric Fencing -

  • Stand alone non-lethal system.
  • Low cost – Solar fences require less materials and labour than conventional fences.
  • Easily constructed – with fewer and lighter materials.
  • Long life – due to reduced physical pressure.
  • Universal application – will contain all types of animals while discouraging predators and trespassers.
  • Improves existing fences – by including 1 or 2 electrified wires in your conventional fence or by adding offsets. This will extend the fence life.
  • Simplicity and flexibility – a quick and easy way to effectively subdivide a paddock for intensive grazing, improving pasture management and production.
  • Low maintenance – due to reduced stock pressure.
  • Less damage to stock – the shock from an electric fence causes no physical damage to stock and if they are forced through electric fences by wild animals or bush fires there is reduced likelihood of injury.

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