Our product range includes various kinds of solar products, namely, Photovoltaic, Thermal, Toys, Silicon Wafer Itching and Lapping and so on.

Solar Mobile Charger

GEETANJALI’s Solar phone chargers use solar energy to charge cell phone. They provide alternative source to power your cell phone battery. These handy devices provide convenient, efficient, on-the-go charging for a variety of devices. Solar cell phone chargers give you have limitless power regardless of the circumstances. To find the right portable solar charger, consider how and where it will be used. For everyday use, a basic model should suffice and for long camping trips and other excursions, a more elaborate model may be required. Some models of cell phones have a built in solar charger and are available for GSM cell phone models. The fold-out design has proven to allow for higher charge current while maintaining a compact size. At Geetanjali we have best solar phone charger that has highest efficiency to utilise solar energy to provide you with the maximum output.

The main objective of this solar power charge controller is to charge a battery by using solar panels. This project deals with a mechanism of charge controlling that will also do over charge, deep discharge and under voltage protection of the battery. In this system, by using photo voltaic cells, solar energy is converted into electrical energy. This comprises hardware components like solar panel, Op-amps, MOSFET, diodes, LEDs, potentiometer and battery. Solar panels are used to convert sun light energy into electrical energy. This energy is stored in a battery during day time and makes use of it during night time. A set of OP-AMPS are used as comparators for monitoring of panel voltage and lead current continuously.

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