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Solar Army Search Light

Solar Army Search Light are made from high quality material and advanced features which is useful to all types of forces, Industries, Security Agencies, Professional, Forest Dept., Agricultural Department, Hill Camping and all Remote Hill & Safari areas. These lights are ideal for their use at construction sites, industrial establishments and various other sectors. This Solar Army Search Light is sourced from authentic vendors and is appreciated for reliable operations, durability and trouble-free functioning.

Key Features:

  • Safe, efficient and reliable
  • Affordable
  • Solder Belt for easy handling
  • High reflective Acrylic
  • Maintenance – Free
  • No fumes or No smoke
  • Maximum light coverage
  • Aesthetically designed portable light
  • A/c charging – optional
  • Micro Controller based High efficiency electronic circuit


  • Housing material : ABS.
  • Color : Black.
  • Refractive Glass : Toughened Glass.
  • SPV Module : 12Volt10W / 8 W High efficiency silicon cell based SPV module.
  • Battery :12V-7Ah @ C-20 SMF lead acid battery of Absorbed Electrolyte type.
  • Bulb :12V-55W. (Halogen Bulb.
  • Provision of On-Off Switch, Fuse, Dimming of Light and Flashing of light.
  • LED indication: indicate battery condition. Like charging in progress; Battery Charged (Charging disconnect), Battery deep discharge (Load disconnect.
  • Input Voltage - 220+- 10% AC Single Phase 50 cycle or 24 VDc +- 10%.
  • Output Voltage - 14.5 Volts.
  • Charging Time - 6 to 7 Hours.

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