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Solar Traffic Signalling System

GEETANJALI’s solar traffic signalling system provides a better solution to the problems of conventional traffic signals by offering solar traffic signals. With environment friendly power generation, these lights provide continuous un-interrupted service which ensures better road safety. With the use of solar energy these traffic lights are energy as well as cost savvy.


  • Uninterrupted operation.
  • Self-generated power.
  • Operates on non-conventional energy (Solar).
  • Viable solution to power crisis.
  • Environment friendly power generation.
  • Better road safety.
  • No cables and trenching of roads.
  • Uses solar energy and so no Electricity bill payments.
  • Control and monitor Functioning from Central place.
  • Save cost with 3 in 1 Lights.
  • Longer view and longer life.
  • Backup up to three continuous cloudy days.
  • Weather Proof System.


  • Control cable.
  • Solar panel assembly.
  • Micro controller based PWM charge regulator.


  • Solar Panel -24 Volts, 150 W.
  • Battery -12 Volts, 100 Ah X 2 SMF.
  • 24 Hours flashing.
  • 24V 3W X 4 Blinkers.


  • Interconnecting Road Junctions on National & State Highways.
  • Industrial, School, Hospital, Market, Office Zones in Cities.

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